About Us

Business Association BEA HKU (BA) is one of the largest non-profit-making student-run societies in the University of Hong Kong under HKU Business School.

Founded in 1976, BA was transformed from Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU to the current Association in April 1996. BA serves as the communication channel between business students and the Faculty of Business and Economics in the University of Hong Kong.

Through maintaining intimate relationships with local and foreign business sector, value-adding functions and tailor-made welfare programmes are organised for all students in the University of Hong Kong.

BA unites members of all BBA disciplines from the University of Hong Kong. With a long and distinguished history, the Association's accumulated member base has now expanded to more than 100,000 from different faculties while the current member base is 2,000.

Our Members

  • BBA
  • BBA(Accounting and Finance)
  • BBA(Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation)
  • BBA(Human Resources Management)
  • BBA(International Business and Global Management)
  • BBA(Information Systems)
  • BBA(Business Analytics)
  • BBA(Law)&LLB
  • BBA(Marketing)
  • BBA(Finance)

Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU

Following the establishment of the department of Management Studies in 1976, a need among students of Management Studies for the establishment of a departmental society was raised. This idea had been a consensus of both students and staff in a Consultative Committee Meeting. Gaining precious support from staff, officials of the Organising Committee started preparations to establish the society.

Elected on 15th April 1976, the Organising Committee of the Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU drafted the constitution of the Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU and forwarded it to the Independent Clubs Association together with over 50 signatures and a cover letter on 30th April 1976.

With the hard work of the Organising Committee and the support of various external parties, the Society was formally established in February 1977. It was first affiliated with the Student Union through the Independent Clubs Association. However, after the Social Science Society's constitution had been amended for the positions of affiliated department societies, the Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU became affiliated with the Social Sciences Society.

Regardless of the official status of Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU, it never ceased to bring benefits to its members and encourage business studies. One of the great achievements of the Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU was its founding of Business Workshop in 1981. Business Workshop has since developed into a renowned academic function in the University of Hong Kong and has remained a tradition of the Association for 35 years.

The connections forged by the Cabinets of Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU with prominent firms in the business world were also of great help to Business Association BEA HKU after its transformation.

Business Association BEA HKU

The Department of Management Studies was dissolved on 31st July 1995.

But it was not the end of Management Studies Society SSS HKUSU. With the dissolution of the Department of Management Studies came the establishment of the School of Business, which encompasses the Department of Management Studies, the Business School, and the Poon Kam Kai Institute of Management.

With this development as well as in light of the increasing number of students applying for majors in Business Administration, Management Studies SSS HKUSU transformed into Business Association BEA HKU. It was not an easy task – involved in the transformation were the modification of the Constitution, the change of logo design as well as the publicity of the newly established Association to the Advisory Board, sponsors, staff of the University of Hong Kong, and our members.

Following the transformation, Business Association BEA HKU now comprises 2,000 students from different faculties who are interested in the business field. The majority of our members come from the following ten business streams: BBA, BBA(Acc&Fin), BBA(EDI), BBA(HRM), BBA(IBGM), BBA(IS), BBA(BA), BBA(Law), BBA(Marketing) and BBA(Finance).

With over 40 years of history, Business Association BEA HKU is now stronger and more united than ever. Our functions have received munificent support from sponsors as well as useful guidance from our Advisors. Our past Executive Committee members are always willing to share their experience and advice to us. And most importantly, our members have always shown great interest and attention to our functions.