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Inauguration Ceremony

The Inauguration Ceremony marks the handover of Business Association BEA HKUSU from Session 2019 – 2020 to Session 2020 – 2021. The Ceremony also provides a platform for building good relationships with our advisors, sponsors and student societies, as well as introducing the new Executive Committee members to them. The theme of our Inauguration Ceremony is “Iridescent Interlude”. “Iridescent” refers to the shimmering colours of a spectrum, while an interlude is a musical composition between parts of a long composition, which conveys the message that the Inauguration Ceremony marks a milestone in our term of office, leading us to progress to our remaining journey with the determination to adding vibrant colours to members’ university lives.

Business Workshop

Business Workshop is one of the largest annual functions of the Association. It focuses on assisting students in their preparation and planning for their future career. This year, with the theme "Amplification to Ascendency", the Association aspires to provide students with opportunities to identify their desired career path. Business Workshop is divided into three sub-programmes, namely Mini Treat, Business Make-up Workshop, Internship Programme and Mentorship Dinner. The diversity of programmes not only allows our members to gain the greatest possible exposure, but also provides them with access to hands-on work experience and insights from an array of perspectives from different sectors of the dynamic business world.

Business Analytics Case Competition

The Business Analytics Case Competition is a new function of Business Association BEA HKUSU this year. The purpose of the Case Competition is to catalyse personal growth of members in the service-based economy of Hong Kong through trainings in dissecting cases and addressing problems. The theme of the competition is “Strides of Supremacy”, which correlates with the nature of the competition as the essence of case competition is to enhance the analytical ability and information processing capability of participants. Participating teams will play the role of marketing specialists dispatched by consultancy firms to address the current issues of the company by designing a marketing campaign and leveraging the resource of the corporation.

Welfare Programme

In each academic year, Business Association BEA HKUSU organises a series of welfare programmes to promote general welfare of members and express our gratitude towards members’ support. This year, the theme of Welfare Programme is "Shimmering Resonance" symbolising our determination to provide illuminating activities that our members can resonate wit  The Programme aims to bring positive energy and moments of bliss to the campus. On Welfare Day, members not only received our extraordinary welfare packs, but also enjoyed the treats and booths we have meticulously prepared.organises a series of welfare programmes to promote general welfare of members and express our gratitude towards members’ support.

Academic Tour

Academic Tour is an annual highlight of Business Association BEA HKUSU. Successfully held for over two decades, our students have trekked the globe to various cosmopolitan cities across continents from North America to Europe. The destinations of Academic Tour 2018 will be Brussels, Luxembourg City and Munich. The Tour consists of three main aspects, including Firm Visits, University Visits and sightseeing. With the aim of providing international exposure for students, Academic Tour 2018 provides students with the opportunity of gaining insight into the core of leading businesses worldwide through Firm Visits and the chance of intellectual exchange with students at local universities. Cultural immersion is another focus of this year's Academic Tour. Students will be visiting different tourist spots, fully experiencing unique cultures in Europe.

Orientation Programme

In the Virtual Orientation Events, you will have the chance to meet other freshmen and our Executive Committee members online. Through chatting, you will surely enjoy your time and consolidate your friendship with one another more!

Are you curious to know how to excel in your university life as a BBA student? Some of the strategies and hacks for BBA students, including course selection tactics, business learning opportunities, being Executive Committee members and so on will all be shared to you. Rest assured that we will provide you with a clear picture of your university life as a BBA student so that your university life will be hassle-free in the upcoming years!

Business Association BEA HKUSU Orientation Programme 2021 Waves of Wonder –– Come and meet your lifelong companions and create distinctive memories that will last forever this summer! See you then!


In each academic year, Alpha is organised by Business Association BEA HKUSU in order to promote general welfare and express our deepest gratitude for the support from our members. Hues of Enchatment, the theme of Alpha this year, symbolises the iridescence of joy. We hope to provide energy to our members and let them experience the diversity of lifestyle business through our activities. On Welfare Day, welfare packs containing different welfare products and coupons offered by our prestigious sponsors, as well as other fascinating highlights will be provided for our members.